3DProCar - Flexible process chains for thermoplastic integral FKV components with complex geometry

Weaving technology and automotive technology - how does it fit together? In a highly innovative research project, this age-old manufacturing technology and modern vehicle construction are brought together. Here, plastic and carbon fibers are preformed with innovative textile and weaving technology and then the finished body component is manufactured in an automated process.


An essential step in securing environmentally friendly individual transport is the comprehensive introduction of e-mobility, which enables the effective use of renewable energy sources, in accordance with the requirements of the German Federal Government and the national electromobility platform (NPE). For the widespread introduction of e-mobility there are still considerable hurdles and therefore a high need for development. In addition to battery technology, this also concerns the implementation of consistent lightweight construction in multi-material design.


In this context, the 3DProCar project contributes to the development of flexible process chains for thermoplastic, integrally manufactured components made of fiber-reinforced plastics with complex geometry. The overall objective of the collaborative project is the simulation-based development of these complex process chains. The process chain includes the production of continuous fiber-reinforced components of complex geometry based on hybrid yarns of recycled C-fibers and integrally fabricated 2D and 3D woven reinforcement structures. The novel textile semi-finished products are optimized with regard to a high geometry complexity, an efficient and gentle processing as well as a load-oriented fiber orientation. For this purpose, the hybridization techniques, the highly productive textile surface forming process weaving and the thermopressing process will be further developed. The aim is to implement an efficient, flexible and highly automated production of load-adapted, near-net shape, semi-finished textile reinforcement products with integrated ribs and prepared joints for the integration of functional and load introduction elements, while at the same time significantly reducing material costs and production times.


IBG Technology Hansestadt Lübeck GmbH is involved as an active partner in the sub-project "Design, construction and implementation of an automated preforming process for novel hybrid semi-finished products with locally different stiffnesses". Here, the development, technological implementation and validation of a fully automated preforming and consolidation process for novel hybrid semi-finished products with locally different stiffness is carried out. For this purpose solutions for preforming by means of cooperating robot systems for the realization of complex forming processes are researched, developed and validated. The focus of the preforming system is on the fully automatic recording of the semifinished product, the transport, a possible manipulation (especially in the area of ​​incorporated ribs) and the targeted storage of the same and a targeted Drapierprozesses, which implements the data of an offline simulation.


A second focus is the development and validation of the quality-assured, highly flexible consolidation process. Of particular importance is that this process no longer adversely affects component drape. Any handling must not change the drapery. As part of this development, the removal of the finished component from the consolidation tool is also being developed.


The joint project is actively carried out by 12 partners from science and industry. The partners of the IBG subproject include Daimler AG, Dynamore GmbH, IDEA GmbH and the Institute for Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology of the TU Dresden.



This research and development project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the framework concept "Innovations for the Production, Services and Work of Tomorrow" and with funds from the Energy and Climate Fund and supervised by the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA).




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