Problem situation

The Machinery Directive requires manufacturers to provide standard-compliant documentation for the transfer and commissioning of plants. With the increasing integration of many electronic controls and decentralized computing units, system complexity is steadily increasing. At the same time, the requirements for technical documentation are also increasing. It is due to the time and cost pressure that the status of the documents is hardly kept up-to-date after the plant has been delivered. Technical modifications or upgrades are usually only documented by appendixes or not documented at all. Factories with decentralized self-organized production require adapted documentation and maintenance processes. In order to master the increasing complexity and networking of production facilities, new strategies for these tasks must be developed and implemented.

Joint project goal

The aim of the research project CyberSystemConnector (CSC) is to ensure up-to-date technical documentation throughout the product lifecycle. It creates a virtual image of the plant, which can include process schedules, control logic, schematics, 3D models, factory and plant layout, operations instructions, and risk assessments. Every change to the machine and its technical documentation is returned to the image to make it always equivalent to the real plant. The components of the image are provided decentralized to the respective subsystem and combine to form the overall picture of the system. From this, the CSC derives situation-specific and needs-based documentation information for the user, thereby ensuring that it is up to date throughout the entire product lifecycle. The CSC systematically uses the information content of the technical documentation for fault identification and prevention, deployment planning, process support or change tracking of maintenance and technical adjustments. The maintenance processes are a field of action critical to success and are therefore the focus of this research project.



This research and development project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and supervised by the project agency Karlsruhe.

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