An absolute world first in the field of small and micro series production within a fully automated final assembly cell.

iPROCELL is a world first and offers the possibility of small and very small series of vehicles - usually in the field of electromobility - as well as other products such. To produce furniture or electronics. IBG's innovative solution includes a fully automated final assembly cell with three autonomous robots. The main innovation is the type of assembly - within which robots work symbiotically to assemble modules into finished products. IBG integrates its state-of-the-art gripper technology, making it possible to inexpensively install small batches. The modular format allows a completely flexible production.

The predominant part of automobiles and other mass products is today produced in fully or largely automated assembly plants. These systems are complex in order to produce a large number of identical products in one central location. As a result, these production lines have a limited ability to vary. Producing a small series that can be done at a reasonable price is an unsolvable challenge.

With this research project, IBG intends to further develop the existing technology until its market launch. Among other things, subsystems and software are being refined to achieve this goal, gripper and sensor systems have been further developed, relevant standards have been considered, a demonstration unit has been designed and built, and commercial implementation has been checked.

The project is funded under Horizon 2020, an EU research and innovation funding program. At around 80 billion euros for the period 2014 to 2020, it is the world's largest funding program for research and innovation. It supports excellent national and international (EU-wide) innovation projects. The aim is to generate knowledge through cutting-edge research in combination with stringent exploitation of the project's results. Both basic research and the development of products, processes or services are in demand. The program is divided into three priority areas: "Excellent Science", "Industrial Leadership of Industry" and "Societal Challenges".

iPROCELL has received funding from the European Union`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 767864.

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