Innovative research - New research projects in the lead project H2Giga

Our close integration of research and development enables us to always be at the cutting edge of robotics and automation solutions. This is also the case with our new research projects FertiRob and HyPLANT100.

The projects are part of the flagship hydrogen project H2Giga and thus of the German hydrogen strategy. The production of high-performance electrolysers is still largely done manually. However, large quantities of high-performance, low-cost electrolysers are needed to meet the demand for green hydrogen in Germany.

The aim of the research projects FertiRob and HyPLANT100 is to research and develop the efficient assembly of large-scale electrolyser systems in cabinet and container size in order to automate the implementation of the hydrogen economy in Germany more quickly.

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The research and development projects FertiRob and HyPLANT100 are part of the flagship hydrogen project H2Giga and are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


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