IBG I Goeke Technology Group I Headquarter Neuenrade

Automation solutions by world-class engineers

The IBG / Goeke Technology Group has represented automation and systems development since 1982, under the leitmotif Groundbreaking Automation for Life. As an owner-managed business group, the IBG / Goeke Technology Group has a "made in Germany" obligation, and throughout the world it is at home. We develop our customer-specific production systems, individual system solutions and automation systems with a full embracing of the concept of innovative economy.

The group of companies is active in the following sectors: automation, systems development, robotics technology, image processing, software engineering, electromobility and even medical technology. Each day, our 280+ employees pursue their passion for perfect implementation of automation solutions in all industrial sectors.

Robotics & automation for people

We want to shape the future with technologies for people, and create value for people. On the following pages, learn about us and our drive for constant development of innovations. Learn more about: