AGV - Automated Guided Vehicle

Pioneering technologies for your logistic tasks

Thanks to its modular structure, the AGV by IBG can be flexibly adapted to your special logistics tasks.

Various navigation solutions are available, ranging from lane-guided navigation using QR codes or RFID transponders to free navigation including obstacle bypass.

Our AGV communicates with robots and automation systems and is extremely flexible in adapting to spatial conditions through autonomous movements.

FC Compact AGV
FC Compact AGV
AGV - Future-oriented technologies for your logistics tasks
AGV - Future-oriented technologies for your logistics tasks
FC100 Automotive
FC100 Automotive
FC100 basic structure
FC100 basic structure
Show Cruiser
Show Cruiser

Variety of our AGVs

The transport of heavy loads is possible. Ergonomic working conditions are achieved, for example, by internal lifting or a driven roller table.

The AGV can be optionally equipped with differential, centre or rear drive. With our innovative fleet and energy management system, the system adapts to your requirements.

Modular design

The AGV consists of different basic modules. Due to this modular structure, an individual adaptation to your requirements is possible. Equipped with a lift table, a runway, as a tractor or forklift we solve your intra-logistic challenges. We also use maintenance-friendly series components that we can adapt to your software and IT solutions on site

Directions and navigation

Due to the flexible movements of our AGVs, we guarantee optimal adaptation to your tasks. Our AGVs are available in the options forwards and backwards with corresponding curve radii, sideways and with rotation around their own axis.

Various navigation solutions up to free navigation including obstacle bypass are possible. Flexible fleet and energy management is also available.

The Factory Cruiser for your needs

We offer you a highly individual solution for the optimal linking of your workstations or work steps.
For example, our “small” Factory Cruiser FC80 with its compact design tailored to euro-pallet dimensions carries and transports heavy loads.

Various types of drive are available - from mid-drive to rear-wheel drive to pod drive. The conveyed material can be fastened during the movements or coupled via a trailer function.

There are no limits to individualisation.


Your way to an intelligent intralogistics

Project procedure for an individual solution
Project procedure for an individual solution


Based on your specific customer requirements, an assessment is made as to whether the use of AGVs in your company is technically and economically feasible. We will show you the first possible configuration for your individual intralogistics requirements.


Concept development

After the data analysis and on the basis of the general conditions on site, we develop the best system concept with details on the technical design and a basic layout of the specification as well as the navigation.

The design is carried out according to the current standards and directives (e.g. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, DIN EN ISO 3694-1, VDI guidelines).



For the use of AGVs in a complex infrastructure, a dynamic simulation can be a useful add-on. The concept and number of vehicles can be checked on the digital data of the framework conditions.



The conceptual design of the vehicles and the description of the general conditions are described in detail in the specifications. This serves as the authoritative basis for order processing.


Project execution

After the contract has been awarded, a specification sheet is drawn up. In joint meetings, the detailed execution including the fleet and energy management to be used is defined within the framework of concept and construction discussions.

In addition to the technical characteristics and performance of the system, the CE Declaration of Conformity and the risk analysis are also prepared. In particular, personal protection and the protection of machines and systems are the essential features in the implementation of innovative intralogistics solutions.


Operation and Optimization

The operation of the customer fleet is supported by the comprehensive service and the connection to a remote maintenance system. During operation, possible extensions, connection of further customer plant peripherals or adaptations due to changed infrastructure can be considered together.


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The Factory Cruiser for optimal material flow

Through intelligent control the intrinsically safe Factory Cruiser enables a smooth flow of materials in every production process. It can be used, for example, as a tractor, lift truck, lift table, roller conveyor, turning device or stacker.

Overview of advantages

  • Up to 1,500 kg additional load
  • Flat construction form
  • Short loading cycles
  • one shift operating time
  • Intelligent control
  • Free-moving and intrinsically safe
  • Freely programmable
  • Can be coupled
  • Intralogistic

AGV as mobile information and advertising surface

By using the Factory Cruiser as a Show Cruiser, the innovative, mobile information and advertising space will bring you a high level of attention through the movement in the visitor flow. The system is extremly adaptable in design, format and content.

  • High-quality appearance
  • Mobile and therefore usable with extreme flexibility
  • Decentralised control
  • Use as an advertising surface and for infotainment
  • Differentiation at POS

Optimisation of production processes in all sectors

Automation and Robotics as instruments for increasing the efficiency of industrial production processes are designed and developed by the IBG / Goeke Technology Group, under the guiding principle "Transformation of human genius into technical perfection". Technology solutions and high technology systems are designed for the individual requirements of our global clients and all sectors, from our main headquarters in Neuenrade, Dortmund.

Automotive solutions, robotics-based solutions and other technology systems from the IBG / Goeke Technology Group are best-in-the-class industry technologies. We achieve this top level in industrial technology through close interlinking of decades of experience as engineers with science and research. We ensure that our know-how in the automotive and robotics fields, as well as our technology service, benefits from optimisation of industrial processes, but without losing sight at the person at the centre of it all – learn more about our social engagement here.

  • Automation of complex manufacturing and assembly systems
  • Configuration of special systems
  • Development and construction of customer-specific special machines