Automatic balancing of car drive shafts


In order to meet the high demands of just-in-sequence production in automotive production plants, maximum system availability and minimum cycle and changeover times of the automated manufacturing systems are required.


In each of the four systems implemented, more than 280 different types of car drive shafts with lengths of 400 mm - 2000 mm are removed from an electric monorail system, then automatically balanced, and removed from the cell.

For this purpose, after determining the imbalance of the drive shaft in a further station of the system based on the measured data, the balancing weights are assembled and automatically welded by the robot to the corresponding positions on the drive shaft. To ensure that the various drive shafts can be machined in a chaotic sequence within one minute, the robots and balancing machine have extremely compact servomotor-driven pickup devices, so that the fastest possible automatic conversion to the respective shaft type can take place.

System benefits:

Due to this flexibility and the use of high-tech components, a process-safe automation solution has been developed, which offers a 100% inspection of the various products in a very short time and is therefore highly economical.

Automatic balancing system gripper robotik automotive overall system
Automatic balancing system gripper overall system
Automatic balancing device gripper robotics automotive
Automatic balancing gripper

Automatic balancing of truck wheels

The wheel balancing system is equipped with transfer technology and a specially adapted robot gripper.

The truck wheels are delivered as a stack and guided on roller tables into the working area of the robot. This positions the wheels in the balancing system, where they are automatically measured.

The balancing weights are applied manually on customer request. The position for the weights to be applied is exactly indicated by a laser.

In the automatic balancing weight application, the weight is directly applied without laser marking.

After processing in the balancing system, the wheels are again stacked on a roller table by the robot.

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