Goeke Technology Group

The Goeke Technology Group is an innovative development partner for technologies concerning the automation of production processes in the most various branches of the industry.

With more than 280 employees in Germany and the USA and a success story, the Goeke Group designs customer-specific production systems up to their commissioning on-site.

The main focus lies on innovative robotics and automation systems for assembly or inspection tasks.

The applications developed by IBG can be found in nearly every industrial sector: Automotive, Pharmaceutical/Chemical Industry, Food, Aeronautics, Electronics, Energy, Consumer Goods, Furniture, Communications and many other sectors.

In the sector of electric vehicles, IBG developed manufacturing concepts for the series production of newly developed electric vehicles and their components in conjunction with research centers and universities.

The service package ranges from development, design, engineering and prototyping to series production of complex CFRP structures.

Customers become partners.

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