IBG Robotronic

IBG technology center Neuenrade: Robots in the assembly hall

IBG Robotronic GmbH

The IBG Robotronic GmbH, based in Neuenrade, operates as an central association for robotics and software-engineering. Complex software systems for machines are developed and realized by own in-house programmers and computer scientists.

This includes e.g. robot controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and process visualization systems.

Furthermore, this company business unit is responsible for the installation of special machines and their control systems.

Additionally, our customers receive in-depth trainings on how to operate the systems as well as they receive extensive support by IBG Robotronic specialists.

Osemundstraße 14-22
D - 58809 Neuenrade 
Tel. : + 49 (0) 23 92 – 96 76 0
Fax : + 49 (0) 23 92 – 96 76 29




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