HRC – human–robot collaboration

Human–robot collaboration, i.e. the sharing of a work space without separate safety systems for humans and robots.

With NXT LEVEL human–robot collaboration, IBG succeeded in presenting the highlight of the 2018 Hannover Messe, with a solution that’s more than just that. Not only is it an exhibition piece, but it also helps to (ergonomically) improve the workplace of the future whilst meeting the requirements of smart technologies and Industry 4.0.

MRK human robot collaboration on vision
MRK human robot collaboration on vision
MRK human robot collaboration on vision big
MRK human robot collaboration on vision big
MRK human robot collaboration digital factory
MRK human robot digital factory

Joining manual work and automation

NXT LEVEL human–robot collaboration can be deployed anywhere where a lot of manual work is required and there are high demands on quality. For the first time, it is now possible for humans and robots to cooperate entirely with each other without being physically separated. The individual work steps are displayed in the work process and thus significantly improve quality and efficiency. The solution is not limited to a specific field of application but can lighten the load of heavy or repetitive work. The robot can make decisions on its own when the user is not in the work environment. It can then either do secondary activities or go into standby mode in order to optimise its performance or use less energy. The robot takes repetitive or heavy work off the hands of the user so that work becomes significantly easier for the user in connection with improving the working environment. In addition, up to 30–50% time can be saved depending on the application.


HRC on participation in working life

Together with the regional associations of Westphalia (LWL) and Rhineland (LVR) IBG has developed a MRK solution for participation in working life. Equipped with a "sensitive" robot arm, a workpiece - in this case a car - can be assembled at the workstation. During this process the robot supports the human being. After the assembly, an optical system is used for quality control.

HRC at REHACARE - optical quality control in the running process
HRC at REHACARE - optical quality control in the running process

Optimisation of production processes in all sectors

Automation and Robotics as instruments for increasing the efficiency of industrial production processes are designed and developed by the IBG / Goeke Technology Group, under the guiding principle "Transformation of human genius into technical perfection". Technology solutions and high technology systems are designed for the individual requirements of our global clients and all sectors, from our main headquarters in Neuenrade, Dortmund.

Automotive solutions, robotics-based solutions and other technology systems from the IBG / Goeke Technology Group are best-in-the-class industry technologies. We achieve this top level in industrial technology through close interlinking of decades of experience as engineers with science and research. We ensure that our know-how in the automotive and robotics fields, as well as our technology service, benefits from optimisation of industrial processes, but without losing sight at the person at the centre of it all – learn more about our social engagement here.

  • Automation of complex manufacturing and assembly systems
  • Configuration of special systems
  • Development and construction of customer-specific special machines