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Fully automatic cockpit assembly in flow operation - installation of the front drive unit (FDU) with the IP installation system


Cockpit assembly

Highly efficient and fully automated assembly cell for car cockpits

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Precision work to the second during assembly in continuous flow operation

IBG is realising an installation cell for cockpit assembly for a fully automated assembly line with the aim of sustainably increasing production efficiency. To avoid interference between the steering shaft and the brackets, they are installed during the ongoing process. To optimise handling, the brackets are provided in blister packs with fixed positions and clearly defined alignments. A 6-axis industrial robot equipped with an application-specific gripper can grip different brackets at the same time and enables problem-free pick-up with a linear feed drive.

During the assembly process, the robot picks up the required components with inserted screws. A 2D vision system mounted on the robot makes it possible to find the correct pick-up position so that the corresponding part can be clamped to the inside of the flange with the gripper once the position has been recognised. The holder is centred and aligned through three holes in the inside of a flange.

The positions of the brackets on the left and right gripper correspond to their mounting position. Before mounting the bracket, the 2D vision system mounted on the gripper identifies the mounting position of the brackets on both sides of the vehicle. The mechanical connection of the left and right gripper ensures repeatable positioning in relation to each other.