Automatic picking robots

The automatic picking robot allows for the implementation of an automatic packing system for e.g. multiple variants of studs and cap nuts.

The solution for the task elaborated above includes a robot cabin in which there is a robot with a range of magnetic grippers.

The picking orders are read into the machine terminal via a barcode scanner; an optimised packing image of the required components is generated automatically.

The supply of the source and target carrier is done manually. Sensors check the presence of the pallets.


Automatic bulk material removal bin picking robot cell
Automatic bulk material removal bin picking robot cell

Enormous advantages offered by an installed 3D camera system

The installed 3D camera system generates a source carrier's point cloud and compares it with the structural components model data included in the variants matrix. This data is transmitted to the robot, and it generates the required gripping positions of the components that are to be gripped.

The automatic use of a picking robot has created a process-safe automation solution; on an ergonomic level, it offers an enormous advantage over existing manual gripper or crane systems.

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