Wheel assembly

Fully automatic wheel assembly in work cycle mode and in continuously moving assembly lines (patent pending)

Fully automatic screwing and assembling of complete wheels to the hub of the wheel on a continuously moving line.

The degree of  automation in the automotive industry is undoubtedly very high. The apparently simple assembly of the wheels to the vehicles’ body requires a maximum of precision and process security.

For this purpose IBG developed the world’s first fully automatic wheel assembly on a continuously moving line.

The robots’ grippers are equipped with two independent camera systems. They are able to detect the wheel type, the position, the rotational orientation and the working level, by using a 2D camera system and specially developed software from IBG.

After the gripping of the wheel, it is scanned with a 3D camera system to determine the spatial position and rotational orientation of the wheel hub.

With the correction values from the vision system, the synchronous bolting of the wheels takes place while the vehicle moves along the assembly line.

Improvement of ergonomics and increase of quality. Through the automated recording of torque and angle of rotation in each screwing process, a 100% check is carried out which enables the traceability of each assembling process.



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