IBG developed and manufactured for its client B/E Aerospace an assembly line for the automatic production of oxygen generators used in the industrial sector of aeronautics.

The assembly consists of two independently operating robot cells. In the first cell, subassemblies of the oxygen generators are pre-assembled with numerous variants in five independent assembly processes. The aim is to produce 500 complete systems in 1.5 shifts. An industrial robot is responsible for the complete work piece transport within the cell. The provision of components and semi-finished products is carried out by conveyor belts and trays and has been designed for a slack time of 500 pieces.

In the second cell, the oxygen generators are labeled by means of laser technology. For this purpose, the seam must be detected automatically at the periphery of the generators, so that the label does not extend beyond the seam. Afterwards, the removal of dust, an O-ring assembly as well as placing and securing of various variants take place. After a weight check, the finished component will be stored in a customer provided trolley by an industrial robot.

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