Green Technology

As a future oriented and innovative company, IBG pays special attention to environmental awareness and sustainable business.

Given the fact of a future scarcity of raw material and increasing energy prices, Green Technology gives the possibility to reduce the consumption of energy with the aid of suitable technologies in order to increase the efficiency of the systems and decrease the energy costs.

So it is important to take into account the requirements for saving energy and for increasing the energy efficiency already at an early stage of the process.

CFK gripper for automatic front-end assembly

Main targets are primarily the drive and the components which have to be optimally configured to prevent over sizing of robots. In addition to that, lighter gripper constructions made out of CFRP help to minimize the size of the robot and are more efficient than the use of materials like steel or aluminum.

The programming of optimal movements of robot applications is part of an efficient commissioning, too. If you integrate the optimal drive technology already in the technical planning stage, the following constructions will also profit from this. Integrating an electric drive instead of a pneumatic one or an electrical press instead of a hydraulic one might have a positive effect on the long-term cost perspective.

In the case of a production system for the assembly of safety-relevant special couplings for trains, the analysis shows that is most economical when you use a mixture of pneumatic and electric drives.

Only an optimal mixture of different technologies such as the use of electric drives in combination with pneumatic solutions helps to develop economical, efficient and future oriented systems.

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