Investigational product storage system

Fully automatic investigational product storage system

As a general contractor, IBG realizes the modernization of an state of the art investigational product storage system during operation. Thereby, the four existing fully automatic storage and retrieval machines, buffer storages and process stations will be modernized and extended with two more lanes. An absolute process reliability, a fully automatic and computer controlled insertion and removal of the investigational products which have a chaotic warehouse management as well as the complete control of the warehouse management are understood as main challenges which the new system being developed by IBG will have to meet.

A blister pack, in which the requested investigational product is located, will be removed from a shelf by an automatic storage machine and will be transferred to a work piece carrier transport. The work piece carrier transport supplies the blister to the automatic removal system. Afterwards, the requested product will be removed from a blister pack, scanned, uncapped automatically and weighed in milligrams by a robot. Only then will the product be provided to the lab assistant. Before the product will be placed at an empty space in the warehouse, it will be scanned again, its remaining weight will be measured and automatically closed with a new cap.

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