IBG as a partner of leading industrial companies has been developing different automated production techniques regarding the series production of CFRP components in the automotive industry for several years.

From development, construction and prototyping to series production of complex CFRP structures, the clients of IBG receive all engineering services from one source to support this future-oriented technology.

CFRP gripping system in panel construction

The composite material CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) which is made out of carbon fiber and epoxy resin is irreplaceable in sectors like aeronautics, wind energy or motor racing.

This is owed to its many positive qualities which are unique in this combination.

CFRP has a comparatively low density but at the same time a high stiffness and solidity and furthermore excellent damping qualities and exemplary crash test results. With the same functions, CFRP is a third lighter than aluminum and has half the weight of steel.

All in all, these facts show that CFRP is an excellent material for modern light weight constructions with the aim to increase the energy efficiency and to save resources to protect the environment.

Till now, only the above mentioned high-tech-industries were able to use the advantages of CFRP in custom-made constructions and small series as the large number of manual work steps resulted high production costs which made it impossible to produce in bigger quantities.



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