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Automated assembly and production systems

Customized automation of production processes

The automation of production systems or assembly systems and the specific requirements for the production facilities differ significantly between sectors and individual companies. Individual planning and design are therefore indispensable when automating assembly systems. Our expert engineers meticulously analyze your previous production processes and design a suitable automation solution on this basis. With professional automation you benefit from a maximum gain in efficiency and impressive precision in production. With the automation of assembly systems, we also ensure intelligent control - the individual components of your systems communicate with each other. Automated assembly gives you greater flexibility in your manufacturing processes, as your machines and robots adapt to current needs at any time.

Investment that pays off: Automation

With extensive automation, you increase the reliability of your production and for automated assembly and reduce personnel costs. Make your company fit for the future and invest in state-of-the-art technologies! As an established provider, we provide you with comprehensive support on the way to modern industrial production and the transition to automated assembly systems. Our engineers plan and construct your machines and systems exactly according to your requirement profile. Our technicians then set up the automation systems at your site and instruct your employees on how to operate them.

Optimization and automation of production systems / assembly systems in all areas

Automation and robotics as instruments for increasing the efficiency of industrial production processes are designed and developed at IBG I Goeke Technology Group under the guiding principle "Translating human ingenuity into technical perfection". Technology solutions and high-tech systems are designed by our headquarters in Neuenrade to meet the individual requirements of our global customers and all sectors.

Automated assembly systems, automotive solutions, robotics solutions and other technology systems from IBG I Goeke Technology Group are first-class industrial technologies. We achieve this top level in industrial technology through the close networking of decades of experience as engineers in science and research. We make this automotive and robotics know-how and our technology service available to optimize industrial processes without losing sight of people - find out more about our social commitment here.

Technology fields and solutions

As a general contractor, IBG offers various industries a comprehensive range of services in the areas of process automation, robot systems, logistics and service. All competences are combined in-house. Get an overview of our technology fields here:

Do you have any questions and would you like individual advice? Contact us about your individual solution. Our experts are happy to help you. Our solutions are individually developed for you and serve to increase the efficiency of your production.