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Automated assembly and production systems

The automation of assembly and production systems and the specific requirements for production systems vary considerably between industries and individual companies. Individual planning and customised design are therefore essential when automating assembly systems. Our expert engineers meticulously analyse your existing production processes and use this as the basis for designing an automation solution that meets your requirements. With professional automation, you benefit from maximum efficiency gains and impressive precision in production. As part of the automation of assembly systems, IBG also ensures intelligent system control, with individual components of your systems communicating with each other. As your machines and robots adapt to current requirements at any time, automated assembly helps you to maximise the flexibility of your production processes.

Extensive automation of your production is an investment that pays off; you increase the reliability of your production and reduce labour costs at the same time. Invest in state-of-the-art technologies! With automated assembly and production systems from IBG, you can make your company fit for the future. As an established supplier, we provide you with comprehensive support on the way to modern industrial production and the transition to automated assembly systems. Our engineers plan and design your machines and systems exactly according to your requirements profile. Our technicians then install the automation systems on your premises and instruct your employees in their operation.

Automation and robotics as instruments for increasing the efficiency of industrial production processes are designed and developed by IBG under the guiding principle of "translating human ingenuity into technical perfection". Technology solutions and high-tech systems are designed for the individual requirements of our global customers and all industries from our headquarters in Neuenrade.

Automated assembly systems, automotive solutions, robotics solutions and other technology systems for industry from IBG are first class. Thanks to our decades of experience as a special machine manufacturer and the close integration of intensive scientific and research work, we develop industrial technologies at the highest level. Without losing sight of people, we provide our expertise in automotive and robotics as well as our technology service for the optimisation of industrial processes.