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Green Technology - Automated battery assembly of lithium ion batteries

Green Technology

Battery assembly

Automated assembly of lithium-ion cells as a system supplier to leading car manufacturers

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Energy-efficient and ecological energy sources

In times of climate change and rapidly rising petrol prices, the demand for energy-efficient and ecological energy sources is becoming ever greater. Here, lithium-ion batteries in particular offer an emission-free and environmentally friendly solution. As a system supplier to leading car manufacturers, IBG developed and realised a stacking plant for separator, anode and cathode sheets for the production of lithium-ion cells.

The novel ceramic technology contained in the cells is implemented by the IBG plant. Special gripping systems for very thin electrodes and separators (<100µm), as well as camera-guided robot technology, enable high-quality production of this innovative energy storage device. The high quality of the manufactured lithium-ion cells is ensured by a sensor system specially designed by IBG for this purpose, which continuously monitors important quality parameters.

Since the market for these novel accumulators of high power density is currently only in its infancy, the quantities will continue to increase in the coming years and thus offer great potential for process-safe automation systems.