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Capacitor manufacturing – Complete automation of a production line


Capacitor manufacturing

Full automation of a production line

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Very high degree of automation of the manufacturing line enables almost manless production

The fully automated capacitor manufacturing process starts with testing the windings to ensure they meet the required specifications. Once the windings are found to be suitable, they are combined into winding packs and fixed in place by welding. The winding package is then mounted into the enclosure, making sure that it is securely and precisely placed. The enclosure is then potted, usually by the customer, to ensure optimum insulation and protection from environmental influences.

The potted enclosure is then transported to the handling station where it is checked for quality and correct alignment. Once the enclosure meets standards, the capacitor undergoes final testing to ensure its performance and reliability. If the capacitor passes the final test, it is packaged and prepared for shipment. Due to the fully automated manufacturing process, all steps are carried out precisely and efficiently, ensuring a high quality standard and reliable performance of the capacitor.