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Gripping technology - CFRP handling complex handling of CFRP preform parts from IBG



Optimum handling of flexible FRP materials

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Efficient machining of composite materials

As a partner of leading industrial companies, IBG has been developing automated production techniques for many years in order to realise the economic large-scale production of CFRP components, especially in the automotive industry. From development, design and prototype construction to series production of complex CFRP structures, IBG provides customers with all engineering services from a single source to promote the expansion of these trend-setting technologies of the future.

CFRP handling - optimal handling of flexible components

CFRP handling refers to the handling of all parts of carbon fibre composites such as pre-materials, prepreg materials and finished components. These materials require special care and precautions during handling to achieve an optimal result. IBG has developed special technologies to facilitate and improve CFRP handling. This includes among others:

  • Automatic peeling of the protective films of the prepreg material
  • Automatic application and joining to the base mould
  • Handling of scrims for further processing such as joining, forming and cutting of the scrims
  • Safe transport between the various work steps
  • Layer control

Last but not least, IBG can use its specially developed needle and suction grippers to facilitate and improve CFRP handling. These grippers are specially designed for processing prepreg materials and enable safe and precise handling of the material.