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Gripping technology - CFRP machining with ultrasonic cutting head from IBG


CFRP processing

Fibre-reinforced plastics as the ideal material for use in modern lightweight construction

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Wide range of options for the efficient processing of fibre-reinforced plastics

As a partner to leading industrial companies, IBG has been developing automated production technologies for many years in order to realise the economical large-scale production of CFRP components, especially in the automotive industry. From development, design and prototype construction to series production of complex CFRP structures, IBG customers receive all engineering services from a single source to promote the expansion of these pioneering future technologies.

Thanks to its numerous positive properties, the material has become indispensable in various industries and applications. For example, CFRP has very high strength and rigidity, excellent damping properties and exemplary crash behaviour at a comparatively low density. With at least the same function, CFRP is a good third lighter than aluminium and at most half as heavy as steel. All this makes CFRP the ideal material for use in modern lightweight construction. Until now, however, the advantages of this innovative material have been reserved for the high-tech industries mentioned above in the form of customised products and small series, as a large number of manual work steps entailed high manufacturing costs that made series production uneconomical.

Thanks to innovative solutions from IBG, the industrial production of and with CFRP is now possible. IBG provides engineering and design support for production-oriented design, the machining and processing of carbon semi-finished products, customer-specific post-processing and cutting technologies for fibre composites. This includes ultrasonic cutting of fabrics, handling of primary materials, fabrics and finished components. This ensures reproducible quality and reduces the workload for employees.

Overall, CFRP processing offers a wide range of options for the production of lightweight and robust products that meet the requirements of customers and applications.