For large goods to be transported

The "FC 100" automated guided vehicle system (AGV) is an advanced solution for transporting large goods. It has an integrated lifting system that makes it possible to pick up load carriers for heavy loads. The system is based on a combination of sensors, safety scanners and magnetic track scanners.


Length: 4,000 mm

Width: 1,000 mm

Height: 560 mm

Own weight: 600 kg

Rated payload: 2,000 kg

Performance factors

Operating time: 16 h

Charging time: 4 hours

Battery type: Lead Crystal

Speed: 0.8 m⁄s

Lifting system

Lifting height: 100 mm

Lifting/lowering speed: 5-10 mm/s

The FC 100's safety scanners are able to detect the surroundings, recognise obstacles and move around safely. The FC 100's magnetic track scanner enables the system to follow a magnetic track used for navigation. This guarantees precise control of the vehicle and ensures safe and reliable transport of the load. An RFID sensor reads the driving commands from RFID tags.

The FC 100 automated guided vehicle system is a solution that ensures high reliability and safety through the use of advanced technologies such as sensors, safety scanners, magnetic track scanners and RFID sensors. It is the perfect solution for transporting large goods and offers high efficiency and productivity.