For ergonomic transport

The automated guided vehicle (AGV) "FC Compact" is an innovative solution for the ergonomic transport of load carriers in industrial environments. It enables autonomous transport between workstations and steps. Free (contour-based) navigation ensures high flexibility and efficiency.


Length: 1,600 mm

Width: 950 mm

Height: 800 mm

Wheel diameter: 230 mm

Own weight: 300 kg

Rated payload: 1,000 kg


Operating time: 24 h

Charging time: 1.5 h

Battery type: LiFePo

Speed: 1.0 m⁄s

Lifting system

Lifting height: +/- 100 mm

Lifting/lowering speed: 8 mm/s

The AGV is equipped with a variety of sensors that enable it to capture the environment and orientate itself in it. These sensors allow it to detect obstacles and avoid them while tracking its way to the destination. Safety is an important factor when using AGVs. The FC Compact is therefore equipped with security scanners that enable it to detect and avoid potential sources of danger. In addition, this ensures safe transport for people. The type of battery used offers a long service life and high performance, enabling the AGV to carry out its tasks efficiently and reliably.

Overall, the FC Compact is a powerful and flexible solution for transporting load carriers in industrial environments. With its sensors, security scanners and lithium-ion technology, it ensures a high level of security and efficiency.