For your large and heavy goods to be transported

The automated guided vehicle (AGV) "FC Heavy" is specially designed for the transport of large and heavy goods. It enables autonomous transport between workstations and steps and can move load carriers safely in your production through free (contour-based) navigation.


Length: 1,600 mm

Width: 950 mm

Height: 800 mm

Wheel diameter: 230 mm

Own weight: 300 kg

Rated towing capacity: 2,000 kg

Performance factors

Operating time: 24 h

Charging time: 1.5 h

Battery type: LiFePo

Speed: 1.0 m⁄s

Lifting system

Lifting height: +/- 100 mm

Lifting/lowering speed: 8 mm/s

The system is equipped with a variety of sensors that allow it to sense the environment and react to obstacles. In addition, a security scanner ensures that the system works safely and reliably. A special feature of the FC Heavy is the use of lithium-ion technology, which ensures a longer service life and higher performance.

The system has a lifting system with a lifting height of +/- 100 mm and a lifting/lowering speed of 8 mm/s. This allows it to react flexibly to the requirements of different applications. All in all, the FC Heavy offers an efficient and safe solution for the transport of large and heavy goods and enables optimal support in production and storage environments.