An absolute all-rounder within our AGV portfolio

The automated guided vehicle (AGV) "FC Lifter" is an agile and reliable transport solution and an absolute all-rounder within our AGV portfolio. The AGV is equipped with innovative technologies and is able to replace traditional forklift trucks sustainably and cost-effectively. The FC Lifter is a forklift AGV with dual mode, which can be navigated autonomously and is also designed for manual operation.


Length: 2,650 mm

Width: 1,200 mm

Height: 2,900 mm

Wheel diameter: 230 mm

Rated payload: 1,000 kg

Performance factors

Operating time: 24 h

Charging time: 2 h

Opportunity charging: possible

Battery type: lithium ion technology

Max speed autonomous: 1.2 m/s

Max speed manual: up to 2.22 m/s

Lifting system

Lifting height: up to 3,000 mm

Lifting/lowering speed: 0.25 mm/s

Load absorption: lengthwise, crosswise

Cargo: Euro pallet, lattice box, IBS

The FC Lifter has a variety of sensors that allow it to sense its surroundings and navigate safely. In addition, it is equipped with security scanners that ensure increased security for employees. Another highlight of the FC Lifter is the lithium-ion technology, which enables it to have a longer operating time and a shorter charging time. With an operating time of 24 hours and a charging time of only two hours, the FC Lifter is the perfect logistic partner for use in industrial and warehouse environments.

In terms of performance factors, the FC Lifter offers a maximum autonomous speed of 1.2 m/s and a maximum manual speed of 2.22 m/s. These speeds allow the FC Lifter to move materials quickly and efficiently while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Overall, the FC Lifter is an advanced technology that combines the advantages of autonomous and manual transport systems, thereby offering increased efficiency and safety in everyday work.