Automated transport with omnidirectional drive

The automated guided vehicle (AGV) "FC Omni" is an innovative solution for the in-house transport of goods. The system was specially tailored to customer requirements and takes into account both spatial conditions and individual requirements.

Basic vehicle
  • 48V differential drive system with active electric brake
  • Vehicle and safety control
  • Additive navigation system to emulate a virtual track (positioning accuracy +/-10mm)
  • Safety laser scanner for safeguarding AGV movement and navigation
  • WLAN client for communication with the logistics controller/control centre
  • Control elements and 7" touch panel
  • Coupling mechanism for pulling the tables
  • 48V Lion battery with battery management system
Special equipment
  • Hybrid system for additional magnetic track-guided navigation and precise positioning via RFID transponder
  • Greater ground clearance for driving over uneven ground and slopes up to 12°.
Transportation table
  • 4 rotatable rollers in longitudinal direction for picking up to 3 KLTs next to each other.
  • Coupling mechanism on the underside for pulling with the AGV
  • Maximum load of 300 kg
  • KLTs secured against slipping

A central focus in the development of the FC Omni was to ensure safety. The system acts extremely safely in terms of protecting people walking around, the material being transported and the surrounding equipment. The integration of navigation and safety plays a crucial role here. Through various sensors, the system detects obstacles or people at an early stage and can then react immediately, for example by stopping or calculating alternative routes. Dangerous situations are identified as quickly as possible and averted through appropriate measures. The FC Omni has special production-related equipment that enables it to overcome uneven ground and slopes of up to 12°. The AGV is equipped with free navigation and has a variety of sensors that enable it to sense its surroundings and navigate safely. Additional safety scanners ensure increased safety, the system acts extremely safe in terms of protecting people walking around, the material being transported and the surrounding equipment.

Thanks to FC Omni, our customers can automate their internal goods transport and make it more efficient. We are proud to offer a solution that is not only reliable and safe, but also provides real added value for our customers.

Brief description of the "FC Omni" use case

In a central goods receiving area, the delivered goods are first accepted, checked, booked in and then picked onto KLTs for further use or storage in the warehouse lifts. Up to three KLTs are to be placed next to each other on one transport table each, where bottles and containers can be placed. The subsequent transport within the production building is fully automated with the help of the AGV, taking three categories into account:

  1. Transport of the KLTs on the transport tables from the goods receiving area to the storage lifts.
  2. Transport between the storage lifts and the laboratories or packing station
  3. Transport of containers for sub-filling between goods receiving, production rooms and warehouse lifts

In addition to the transport of filled KLTs, the AGV also takes over the provision of transport tables at firmly defined parking areas.