In-house logistics (intralogistics) is becoming increasingly important, forming the backbone of a company's organic growth and is crucial for long-term success. Intralogistics encompasses all processes and activities that take place within a company in order to efficiently move goods and merchandise from one place to another. These invisible processes are crucial to the smooth and efficient organisation of the entire operational process and have a significant impact on a company's cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and competitiveness. Customised automation solutions enable you to interlink processes and avoid unnecessary storage and downtimes.

Pioneering technologies for your logistics tasks. Automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) from IBG.

Advantages of our AGV
  • Up to 2,000 kg payload
  • Flat design
  • Short charging cycles
  • Min. one shift operating time
  • Intelligent control
  • Free-moving and intrinsically safe
  • Freely programmable
  • Connectable
  • Intralogistically
Modular construction

Our AGVs consist of various basic modules. Thanks to the modular structure, our AGV can be flexibly adapted to your special logistics tasks and to your spatial conditions. Equipped with a lifting table, a roller conveyor, as a tractor or forklift, we solve your intralogistic challenges. The use of maintenance-friendly series components enables adaptation to your software and IT solutions on site.

Driving directions and navigation

The directions of movement are as flexible as our structure. Our AGVs are available in the options forwards and backwards with corresponding curve radii, sideways and with rotation around its own axis as well as omnidirectional. Optionally, it can be equipped with a differential, middle or rear-wheel drive. With our innovative fleet and energy management system, the system adapts to your requirements. In this way, we guarantee optimal coordination with your tasks and local conditions.

Various navigation solutions up to free navigation including avoiding obstacles are possible. Flexible fleet and energy management is also available.


Optimal material flow

Thanks to an intelligent control, the intrinsically safe AGV enables a smooth material flow in every production. It can be used, for example, as a tractor, lift truck, lifting table, roller conveyor, rotating device or stacker.

We have the AGV for your requirements.

Our driverless transport systems support your internal logistics processes and make your material flow more efficient. Whether small, medium or large transport goods, there are no limits to customisation with regard to your production-specific requirements. The semi-automated and autonomous transport solutions from IBG contribute to the optimal linking of your workstations or work steps.

Find out about application examples realised by IBG:

FC Slim – For transporting transport trolleys
FC 450 – The narrow solution for transporting transport trolleys
FC 100 – For large goods to be transported
FC Omni – Omnidirectional AGV
FC Compact – For ergonomic transport
FC RoboLite – True mobile robotics
FC Heavy – For your large and heavy goods to be transported
FC Load – For your specific transport goods
FC Lifter – The classic forklift AGV
FC Lite – The variable transport support

We develop task-specific process automation to increase the efficiency of your industrial production. Contact us, our experts will be happy to provide you with customised advice.