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‘First aiders of tomorrow’ - we are part of it

‘Helping is strong’ is the motto of the Johanniter, who have been successfully teaching children first aid for years. To reinforce what they have learnt, the Johanniter have developed various easy-to-understand materials with K&L Verlag.

That's why we are supporting the project:
The book, with its many pictures to be coloured in, uses child-friendly case studies to teach children in a playful way the skills they need to provide first aid in emergencies and to recognise everyday sources of danger. At the same time, teachers, educators and parents can discuss the illustrations with the children and practise them in greater depth. With the support of many local companies such as IBG, the colouring and workbooks, posters and the app are distributed free of charge in the kindergartens. A commitment that we are very happy to support.

Would you like to find out more about the project? You can find more information here: