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Prange Cup 2023 ✓ 16 September ✓ Plettenberg ✓ Dunkin' Robots and "Coach Elias" are in the starting blocks
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Prange Cup 2023: GO! GO! GO! Dunkin'Robots

The time has come again! This year's Prange Cup will take place in Plettenberg on 16 September 2023. The "Dunkin' Robots", our basketball team, and "Coach Elias" are in the starting blocks for an exciting basketball tournament!

Coach Elias is looking forward to the team sports event with anticipation and excitement: "We have prepared well for the tournament, our team has been training hard! We are full of anticipation for exciting games and spectacular baskets from our "Starting Five". Together, let's bathe the hall in our team colours and spur our team on to top performance!"

Go! Go! Go! Dunkin' Robots: the support from the sidelines is invaluable to our team. We would be very happy if numerous spectators supported our team. We would like to cordially invite you to the Dreifachturnhalle II in Plettenberg-Böddinghausen (Albert-Schweizer-Straße 8a) from 10 am!