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Oxygen generators

Automatic oxygen generator production

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Highest flexibility due to two independently operating robot cells

IBG developed and designed an assembly system with two independently operating robot cells for the automatic production of oxygen generators for the aviation industry.

With the aim of producing 500 complete systems in 1.5 shifts, oxygen generators are pre-assembled in five independent assembly sequences with numerous variants in the first automation cell:

  • Igniter assembly
  • firing pin assembly
  • Bottom assembly
  • Intermediate lid assembly
  • Final lid assembly

Within the automated cell, an industrial robot handles the entire workpiece transport. Designed for a buffer time of 500 pieces, the components and semifinished products are supplied within this automation process via conveyor belts and trays.

In the continuous production process, the oxygen generators in the second cell are initially labelled in 14 variants using laser technology. The generator must be automatically recognised so that the labelling does not extend beyond the seam. This is followed by the removal of labelling dust, O-ring assembly and the fitting and securing of various outlet variants. After a weight check, the finished part is placed in the customer's transport trolley. Material transport in this cell is also carried out by an industrial robot.