Forschung iProcell IBG Automation

Research-based automation for industry

Co-operation with research centres

At the IBG / Goeke Technology Group, automation solutions for the automobile field, logistics and many other industries have always been developed with a solid interlinking of science research work. With this integration with research and development, we are always able to offer automation solutions at the level of state-of-the-art robotics technology. A large portion of the Automation projects that we do embody new developments. With the involvement of research centres, they are individually developed for the needs and requirements of customer-specific systems.

Vision Car 1 Sketch of our own electric vehicle
Sketch of our own electric vehicle
iProcell automated production system simulation
iProcell production system simulation
iProcell automated production system exhibition HMI
iProcell automated production system
Overview IProcell automation for the automotive industry
Overview IProcell for the automotive industry

Individually created systems construction

The IBG / Goeke Technology Group regards itself as an innovative impulse generator and a leading development partner in the domain of automation, as well as systems development. Discover more about our Company philosophy here.

To be able to profit optimally from the synthesis between research and practice, the company group has initiated various research projects conducted in collaboration with various colleges and industrial companies. Click below to learn more about our exciting and innovative research projects – if you have any queries we will be ready to hear them. Learn more about our awards here.

Optimisation of production processes in all sectors

Automation and Robotics as instruments for increasing the efficiency of industrial production processes are designed and developed by the IBG / Goeke Technology Group, under the guiding principle "Transformation of human genius into technical perfection". Technology solutions and high technology systems are designed for the individual requirements of our global clients and all sectors, from our main headquarters in Neuenrade, Dortmund.

Automotive solutions, robotics-based solutions and other technology systems from the IBG / Goeke Technology Group are best-in-the-class industry technologies. We achieve this top level in industrial technology through close interlinking of decades of experience as engineers with science and research. We ensure that our know-how in the automotive and robotics fields, as well as our technology service, benefits from optimisation of industrial processes, but without losing sight at the person at the centre of it all – learn more about our social engagement here.

  • Automation of complex manufacturing and assembly systems
  • Configuration of special systems
  • Development and construction of customer-specific special machines