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CSC - Cooperation project on industrial robotics with IBG
IBG I Goeke Technology Group · 


Create and use machine documentation intelligently


The Machinery Directive obliges manufacturers to include standardised documentation with the handover and commissioning of systems. Due to the increasing integration of many electronic control elements and decentrally organised computer units, the complexity of the plant is constantly increasing. The demands on technical documentation are increasing at the same rate. Due to the time and cost pressure, the status of the documentation is hardly kept up to date after the delivery of the system. Technical conversions or upgrades are usually only documented through added appendices or not at all. Factories with decentralised, self-organised production require adapted documentation and maintenance processes. In order to master the increasing complexity and networking of production facilities, new strategies for these tasks must be developed and implemented.

Joint project objective

The goal of the CyberSystemConnector (CSC) research project is to ensure up-to-date technical documentation throughout the entire product life cycle. For this purpose, a virtual image of the plant is created, which can contain process flow charts, control logics, circuit diagrams, 3D models, factory and plant layout, operating instructions and risk assessments. Every change to the machine and its technical documentation is fed back into the image to keep it equivalent to the real plant at all times. The components of the image are provided decentrally at the respective subsystem and, when combined, produce the overall image of the plant. From this, the CSC derives documentation information for the user that is appropriate to the situation and requirements, thus ensuring that the information is up-to-date throughout the entire product life cycle. The CSC uses the information content of the technical documentation in a targeted manner for error identification and avoidance, operational planning, process support or change tracking of maintenance and technical adjustments. The maintenance processes are a critical field of action and are therefore the main focus of this research project.

Cooperation partner

  • KHS GmbH
  • Cognitas Gesellschaft für Technik-Dokumentation mbH
  • PDTec AG
  • Carl Cloos Schweißtechnik GmbH
  • IBG Automation GmbH
  • Institut für Produktionstechnik der TU Dortmund
  • Lehrstuhl für Produktionssysteme der Ruhr-Universität Bochum


This research and development project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and supervised by the Karlsruhe project management organisation.