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Robotics technology

Robot technology for process optimisation from leading engineers for your production

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Automation technology for autonomous and precise workflows

By definition, an industrial robot is a universal, programmable machine for handling, assembling or processing workpieces of all kinds. It is intended for use in an industrial environment and is an integral part of automation technology. Once programmed, the robot is able to carry out a work process autonomously and precisely. Industrial robots are used in many areas of industrial production, such as joining technology or assembly technology.

One of IBG's core competences is the use of industrial robots from all leading manufacturers and the development of complex, individual user software as well as their commissioning by our own personnel. IBG develops and designs "special robots", innovative robot modifications and robot-supported automation processes for tight installation spaces with short forward and backward cycle times. We supplement our mechanical engineering expertise with special 2D and 3D camera technology mounted on the robot. With the help of "seeing" robot technology (vision technology) we are able, for example, to measure a vehicle and then automatically correct the path curves or the target positions of a robot before assembling components.