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Gripping technology - safeGrip automated gripping techniques for efficient production by IBG



Maximum process reliability thanks to the utmost care and constant quality assurance

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Highly efficient, automated gripping technology for industrial production

The highly sensitive "safeGrip" gripper series developed by IBG is a good example of how research and development go hand in hand at IBG. In a joint project with the scientific community, a complex gripper system was developed that handles highly sensitive objects with force-sensitive gripper fingers. The main focus in the realisation of this fragile automation process was to ensure maximum process reliability. The gripper was equipped with a large number of additional sensors. The "safeGrip" gripper-sensor combination has a modular design and can be ideally customised to meet individual customer requirements.

The first successful industrial application took place in a customer's test specimen warehouse. In the logistics and testing process there, it is checked almost simultaneously whether the gripper has picked up a vial of preparation, whether a storage location in the blister is free and whether the barcode on the vial has been scanned.