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Service portfolio

With customised solutions for complex automation systems, special machine construction plays a crucial role in today's industrial landscape. IBG has diverse expertise and industry-specific know-how, as a general contractor for innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient systems. With our own specialists, we develop customised automation solutions for all manufacturing industries and transform your challenges into future-proof, automated processes.

Analysis and optimization of your production

With our many years of automation expertise, we have developed a reliable system to identify optimisation opportunities for production processes or manufacturing plants and to efficiently exploit their potential. In a comprehensive report, you receive all the essential findings of our investigation, on the basis of which you decide on the next steps.

Potential analysis

The fundamental step in identifying the needs and possibilities for automating production processes of our customers from industry is the preparation of a potential analysis. In a four-step, systematic process, we determine the current and future application possibilities for automation, identify and analyze potentials, weaknesses, opportunities and risks. A potential analysis by IBG enables you to make strategic decisions on the basis of which you increase your competitiveness.

Procedure of the IBG potential analysis:

  • Target definition
  • Current situation
  • Automation potential
  • Profitability

Through thorough analysis, the next step is to develop innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our clients that create real added value. To meet the ever-changing market conditions and ensure long-term success, the continuous updating of these analyses is essential.

Feasibility study

The automation of production processes has gained in importance in manufacturing industries worldwide in recent years. The preparation of a feasibility study is often an important first step for our customers to gain valuable insights into in-house production and logistics processes, to consider and plan future-oriented modernization measures. An IBG feasibility study is a systematic investigation that evaluates a technical, economic and organizational feasibility of an automation project, reveals potential risks and challenges and determines the feasibility of a project.

Objective of our feasibility study:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Economic feasibility
  • Organisational feasibility

Sequence of the IBG feasibility study:

  • Project initiation
  • Data collection
  • Technical assessment
  • Economic evaluation
  • Organisational assessment

Through a thorough analysis of the technical, economic and organizational aspects, we can ensure for our customers that automation projects planned by them can be successfully and efficiently implemented by IBG.

Prototype application

The development and implementation of demonstrator and prototype applications for industrial automation systems are a crucial step towards optimizing our customers' production processes. IBG prototypes are test models that we develop to verify the functionality and efficiency of a wide range of equipment and solutions before they are implemented by the customer. In the development of customized automation processes, this phase plays a crucial role in identifying problems, showing potential for improvement and ensuring the reliability of our systems. IBG develops prototypes to overcome the technical challenges encountered in automation in different industries.

Examples of prototype applications are:

  • Robot-controlled automation systems
  • Sensor and control systems
  • Flexible manufacturing cells

Advantages of prototype development:

  • Risk minimisation
  • Cost savings
  • Faster time to market
  • Customer satisfaction

The development and implementation of engineering technologies and prototypes in automation plants are a key area in modern industry. By using prototypes, IBG engineers can develop innovative solutions and optimise industrial processes and achieve higher efficiency, quality and sustainability of our plants and solutions. For our industrial customers, this means more competitive products and better profitability of their production.

Implementation for your production

For your future-proof production, we offer you a customised solution according to your requirements. You receive your needs-based optimisation from worker assistance systems to a fully automated plant.

Turnkey systems

IBG develops fully integrable solutions for industry. From planning and conception to implementation and commissioning, we implement turnkey systems ("turnkey solutions") as a general contractor.

Features and the advantages of turnkey systems:

  • Efficient planning
  • Time and cost savings
  • High reliability
  • Scalability
  • Easy maintenance

Turnkey systems offer a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, cost savings, precision and flexibility. Our industrial customers significantly increase their competitiveness and the sustainability of their manufacturing processes.

Our processes

To implement your needs-based automation solution, we use the entire service portfolio of our in-house experts.

Concept and engineering

As a renowned special machine builder, IBG begins its work with a comprehensive conception phase. Here, the specific customer requirements are recorded in detail and translated into a technical concept by our engineers. To ensure a customised and efficient automation process, our experts make a selection of the right technologies and components. To ensure the feasibility of the project, the IBG engineering team develops the necessary plans and models.

Mechanical manufacturing

The construction of special machines and automated systems for industry requires precise mechanical manufacturing; as a general contractor, we combine all competences in our company. In order to develop and manufacture components such as frames, housings, tools, conveyor belts, etc. independently according to the design specifications and to ensure the highest precision and quality, IBG relies on state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies such as CNC milling and 3D printing.

Electronics and control technology

Electronics play a central role in our customers' industrial automation systems. IBG is a system integrator; for control and monitoring, we install electronic components such as sensors, actuators, microcontrollers and industrial PC systems in our complex plants and customised automation solutions. Our in-house software development and implementation are an important part of this integration, they form the interface for the operation and control of our systems and solutions.

Robotics and automation

Industrial automation systems from IBG are often equipped with robots and automated movement and testing systems. In order to automate the desired customer-side processes in an efficient and future-proof manner, we integrate robotic arms from all leading manufacturers, conveyor belts, pick-and-place units and other automation components. The programming and control of these industrial robotic systems are critical to ensure the smooth operation and optimal process flow of our equipment and systems.

Testing and quality control

The quality and reliability of the equipment and solutions manufactured by IBG are of paramount importance. To ensure that our engineering services meet the specific requirements of our customers and function perfectly under "real" production conditions, each of our automation systems and innovative solutions undergoes extensive testing and quality control before delivery.

Commissioning and training

To ensure a smooth transition to a new plant technology and the efficient use of the machine, IBG takes over the commissioning and training of the operating personnel after the delivery and installation of a plant or solution at the customer's site. We offer a complete service, take care of maintenance, testing and servicing of your machines and plants. Together with you, the IBG specialists will find a solution concept tailored to your needs.

Customer service and maintenance

We are your partner also after commissioning, as a general contractor IBG has a broad service portfolio, offers comprehensive after-sales service and maintenance services. To ensure a long service life and optimal performance of our plants and solutions, we offer, among other things, regular inspection, maintenance and, if necessary, repair of our plants.

As a general contractor in special machine construction for industrial production processes, IBG plays a key role as a partner to modern industry and manufacturing sectors. Our cross-industry service portfolio covers the entire value chain, from design and construction to commissioning and maintenance. With innovative developments and customised automation solutions, we help to increase the efficiency, quality and competitiveness of the production processes of our global customers from various industries and to set them up for the future.