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Assembly technology - Sliding roof assembly Fully automated process for integrating a sliding or panoramic roof by IBG


Sliding roof assembly

Optimised assembly through automated concept of complete roof integration

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Fully automated process for integrating a sliding or panoramic roof

Sunroofs are a popular component of cars. The automatic assembly of the sunroof by industrial robotics is carried out through the cut-out of the windscreen and requires precision and accuracy to achieve an optimal result.

The specially developed Carbon-C gripper is an important part of this process. These grippers are made of high-quality carbon and offer a long service life as well as high stability. They are ideal for use in the automotive industry and enable precise handling of the sunroof during assembly and include various automatic screwdrivers for assembly and for levelling the sunroof to the roof cut-out. Innovative vision technology is also used to ensure precise monitoring of the process.

Overall, sunroof assembly is a fully automated manufacturing process that requires precision, accuracy and innovative technologies. The use of the specially developed technologies ensures a perfect result and stable assembly of the sunroof.

With the combination of the sliding roof assembly and the seal application head, IBG has succeeded in developing an automated concept of complete roof integration.