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Process automation, robot-based systems and more solutions "made in Germany"

Automation: Solutions through partnership

The IBG / Goeke Technology Group, based in Neuenrade, Dortmund, offers a comprehensive range of services in the fields of process automation, robot-based systems, system logistics and service to various industries - such as aviation, logistics and manufacturing - in its capacity as a general contractor.

With decades of experience in robotics, machines construction and systems construction, as well as in research and development, the Goeke Technology Group has successfully implemented innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient systems for industrial domains. The solutions that IBG develops, are also as unique as its customers and their applications and technical requirements.

Engineering solutions with research & engagement

The IBG / Goeke Technology Group has been at the highest level in the domain of technology solutions and process automation for many years. A close integration with science and research means that we can always offer individual, best-in-the-class solutions. We are always focussed on your project, but we don't lose sight of the person at the centre of it all. You can read more about our philosophy and our social commitment here.

Automation: Solutions through partnership

The IBG / Goeke Technology Group develops targeted automotion concepts and technological procedures for you in the shortest time frame. We will support you as a staunch partner in the realisation of your ideas and projects, with individual solutions. Our passion for technology and our vision of the future are the things that permanently motivate us to get acquainted with products and processes that no-one else will dare to. With this, our solutions for you are always tailor-made new developments.