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Technology fields and solutions

As a general contractor, IBG offers various industries a comprehensive range of services in the areas of process automation, robot systems, system logistics and service. We combine all competences in our own company, get an overview of our expertise in the most diverse fields of technology here:

Assembly technology

The automation of assembly and production systems and the concrete requirements for the production facilities differ considerably between industries, individual companies and their products. When it comes to the automation of assembly systems, individual planning and customised design are therefore indispensable. Extensive automation of your production is an investment that pays off. You increase the reliability of your production and at the same time reduce personnel costs.

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Gripping technology

To ensure optimum process capability, we develop customised gripping systems for a wide range of workpieces and their dependencies on specific material properties. IBG implements your specifications and has been realising a wide variety of tasks from the most diverse manufacturing industries for decades.

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Intra-company logistics (intralogistics) is becoming increasingly important; it forms the backbone of a company's organic growth and is crucial for long-term success. Intralogistics encompasses all processes and activities that take place within a company to efficiently move goods and merchandise from one place to another.

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Joining technology

Fully automated joining technology is a process for the fast, precise and reproducible joining of two or more components made of the same or different materials completely automatically through the use of robots and modern control technologies. Automated joining makes it possible to ensure consistently high quality in the manufacture of products.

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An industrial robot is intended for use in an industrial environment and is an integral part of automation technology. After programming, the robot is able to carry out a work process autonomously, precisely and with repeat accuracy. Industrial robots are used in many areas of manufacturing such as joining technology or assembly technology.

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Automation solutions from IBG mean service, we are your partner even after commissioning. Plant engineering and automation solutions are not only a question of conception and development, our services do not end with the installation of the individually developed automation plant. We offer a wide range of services for the quality assurance of complex systems.

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The control of complex, automated assembly processes, industrial test facilities or internal logistics tasks requires the interaction of a wide variety of systems. IBG has developed a holistic software approach for the control and visualisation of standardised industrial components and automation systems.

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Vision technology

Digital image processing is becoming increasingly important; ever more complex problems within industrial production require innovative measuring and inspection systems for industry. Optical systems from IBG are process-safe and economical, they combine optimally matched technologies with reliable process optimisation and innovative measuring systems.

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Our solutions are developed individually for each customer and serve to increase the efficiency of your industrial production. Do you have questions and would like individual advice? Contact us, our experts will advise you on a customised automation solution.