Intelligent image processing systems and automated vision technology

Increasingly complex problems in the manufacturing industry require highly innovative measuring and inspection systems. Digital image processing is becoming increasingly important. By using professional 2D or 3D camera technology, the position and orientation of parts in undefined storage (e.g. bulk goods in a crate) can be recognised and precisely gripped by a robot.

Application areas of digital image processing
  • 3D measurement technology > The contactless recording or measurement of spatial geometries with optical methods.
  • Quality management > Control of the exact adherence to geometric dimensions in production as well as the completeness check of the assembly process. The data supplied is evaluated in the control system of the plant, so that one is able to realise even extremely complex tasks economically.
Advantages of digital image processing
  • Different object geometries and deployment types
  • Reliable process optimisation for automation through innovative measuring systems
  • Recording object surfaces by means of laser scanning
  • Non-contact optical 3D inspection for all common joining techniques
  • Use for measuring and testing functions
  • Advanced sensor technology, scalable software and customised services
  • Optimally coordinated performance package

Optical inline inspection of various component properties is used to monitor and check the quality of products in real time. IBG offers complete solutions from a single source for a wide range of object geometries and provision types. With our decades of experience in automated processes in the manufacturing industry, we guarantee the reliable interaction of intelligent image processing and suitable gripping technology. We ensure that products meet customer-specific quality standards, are fault-free and have a high level of availability.

Examples of applications for the use of intelligent image processing in industry include:

3D weld seam inspection

For the highest demands in quality assurance, IBG offers a reliable and innovative measuring system that enables non-contact optical 3D inspection for all common joining techniques.

Optimised 3D measurement through

  • Noise peak filter
  • Suppression of invalid pixels
  • automatic position tracking
  • Edge detection
  • Pattern matching
Optical test bench

For the inspection of dimensional accuracy, edge forms and surfaces, IBG offers an optical inspection station in which the necessary hardware and software for solving the image processing task are combined in an application-specific manner.

Standard measurements:

  • Checking the dimensional accuracy (lengths, widths, heights, radii and angles)
  • Edge inspection (chipping, caking and shape deviations)
  • Surface inspection (local edge chipping and defects, type detection)
Bin Picking

Process-safe and economical automation system for object storage recognition and gripping point calculation. Innovative camera technology enables the targeted gripping of components provided as bulk material.

Automated processes:

  • Object recognition with the aid of industrial image processing systems
  • Gripping point determination for different object geometries and deployment types
  • Calculation of the robot path and collision-free gripper guidance
  • Positioned storage of components