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Joining technology - Automated bonding with industrial robotics from IBG



Gluing robots for automated assembly with maximum precision and consistent quality

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Innovative modular principle for effective and safe automation of joining processes

In the automation system realised by IBG, path-controlled robots were used to apply adhesive and sealing beads to specific components, which were then joined together. In this particular example, the completeness of the bead was also checked by laser scanning in order to guarantee the quality of the end product in series production.

Automated joining processes result in efficient, standardised work steps of the highest quality in industrial production and assembly. We are experts in flexible bonding systems for a wide variety of components and applications. IBG is able to offer a customised automation solution for even the most unusual customer-specific requirements. With our decades of experience in automated systems for bonding and sealing with a wide variety of adhesives and sealants, we offer a wide range of solutions, from partial solutions to turnkey systems. In this area, we develop individual solutions and integrated automation systems that include all the necessary conveying and handling technologies and all peripherals.