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Gripping Technology - CFRP Gripping Systems Carbon Grippers Sliding Roof Assembly by IBG


CFRP gripping systems

Use of weight-optimised gripping systems to increase system efficiency

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Gripping systems for optimum production processes in lightweight construction

Today, it is impossible to imagine aerospace, wind energy or racing without the composite fibre material CFRP. This is thanks to its numerous positive properties. With at least the same function, CFRP is a good third lighter than aluminium and at most half the weight of steel. All this makes CFRP the ideal material for use in modern lightweight construction with the aim of increasing energy efficiency, conserving resources and thus permanently reducing the burden on the environment.

IBG uses the material advantage in its customised grippers. The CFRP gripping systems are modern solutions for handling workpieces in industry. They use the light and strong material for optimised gripping performance and gripper design. The use of CFRP for the production of grippers offers several advantages such as the light material for an overall lighter gripper and on the other hand the robustness for heavy loads. The "Green Technology" of CFRP gripping systems leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional gripping systems.

In summary, CFRP gripping systems offer a modern and environmentally friendly solution for handling workpieces in industry. They enable safe and efficient processing while reducing energy consumption.