Application-specific and optimised component grippers

Every automated process has special requirements and needs application-specific gripping technology. Thanks to our many years of experience in gripping and handling components, we are able to solve a wide range of tasks efficiently and guarantee a reliable automation process. The expertise required for this is covered by IBG's own highly specialised employees.

Below you will find some examples of application-specific grippers that we have customised:

Cardan shafts gripper

We equipped the shaft gripper with a combined gripping and welding unit so that a robot can, among other things, feed shafts to a storage position from which the worker can then remove them. In order to determine the initial and residual unbalance, the system designed by IBG measures car drive shafts, to which balancing weights are then welded by a welding unit. In a final process, the robot gripper removes the drive shafts from their clamping fixture and moves them to an assembly station downstream in the automation process, the painting covers.

Circlip gripper

With the highly reliable retaining ring gripper, IBG has developed a special gripper for holding retaining rings of different diameters. The gripper is designed for very specialised handling tasks and has been integrated by our engineers into a complete system for automatic retaining ring assembly.

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Assembly technology - retaining ring assembly process-safe automatic assembly using patented industrial assembly techniques from IBG
Cylinder head gripper

In this automation system for the automotive industry, we have mounted cylinder heads to be moved on a standardised adapter plate with firmly defined gripping points. In this application, we use a specially designed cylinder head gripper to realise the automatic handling of customer-specific components. Within the automation process, components are removed from the feeding station and placed on a turntable for depositing. Perfectly aligned and positioned, the components are then fed into an automatic washing line.

Engine gripper

This highly specialised gripper for the automotive industry is used to pick up an engine at the material supply and then transfer it to another workpiece carrier. To ensure the correct pick-up position, the robot communicates with the automated transport vehicle on which the carrier is located within this production process.

Multi gripper

The multi-grippers developed by IBG are designed to perform handling tasks and ensure precise holding during complex processing steps. By moving the gripper, different components can be picked up in one step.

Needle gripper

The needle gripper developed by IBG offers optimum handling and high availability with low wear. Thanks to its compact and simple design, the gripper is optimally adapted to the handling of flexible fibre composite material. Its design allows the needles to be inserted symmetrically and optimally.

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Plate gripper

The plate gripper developed by IBG is a material-specific suction gripper that removes blanks from a stack and places them on the cutting table. The blanks to be processed are coated and can stick to each other. Due to this fact, the blanks are lifted from the material supply with a peeling movement.

Profile gripper with automatic detection

We realised an automation cell with a profile gripper with automatic recognition on behalf of a customer. The cell, which co-operates with a camera, is used to pick up various different profiles. In order to separate the profiles from each other in a highly efficient separation process, we have equipped industrial robots with a vacuum surface gripper in addition to a gripper function.

Pump gripper

In order to make the "pick-up of pumps" in a series production process safer and more efficient, we have attached a negative image of a customer's own pump head to our pump gripper. This allows an industrial robot equipped with a multifunctional gripper to hold a pump in an automated production step and also implement a sealing ring on the pump series.

Rim gripper

The wheel rim gripper we have designed is an innovative industrial robot application for future-proof Industry 4.0 production. In our automated process, wheel rims are fed into a milling machine by an industrial robot and removed again after the production step has been completed. Our rim gripper is designed for wheel diameters of 13" - 22" and a maximum wheel weight of 30 kg. To prevent damage to components, the special gripper developed by IBG is also equipped with collision protection.

Vacuum grippers for loading and unloading a CNC machine

With the vacuum gripper developed by IBG, components of different shapes and dimensions can be removed from an unorganised container. For precise picking, positioning and depositing - also known as bin picking - we have equipped an industrial robot with a special vacuum suction system. The gripper guides the component to a high-resolution camera in an automated process in order to recognise the rotational orientation of the frontal embossing at the head end of a component.

Vacuum gripper

We use the special technology of the suction gripper, for example, to lift components heated by the pressing process out of their mould and allow them to cool down on the way to the next processing station. The automated gripper developed by IBG is equipped with several suction pads and guides for precise positioning of the component. One of our core competences is the development of task-specific gripping technology for industry. With our expertise, we are able to tailor the handling of workpieces using suction technology to your individual requirements.

Wheel gripper

When developing a wheel gripper for cycle operation, we equipped an industrial robot with a special gripper. The component gripper automatically handles the defined pick-up of lorry wheels of various sizes. Our wheel gripper enables precise gripping of the wheels during further processing, such as the automated balancing process. Thanks to our in-house research and development work, we have decades of expertise in the implementation of automated handling tasks for the automotive industry. From this, IBG realises manufacturer-independent industrial gripping systems for the automated gripping of complete wheels of all kinds.

Assembly technology - wheel assembly fully automatic bolting and assembly of complete wheels in cycle and flow operation by IBG

We are experts in innovative, robot-assisted gripping systems for increasing efficiency in industrial production. We develop our gripping technology specifically and individually, customised for your application. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and opportunities of a customised automation solution from IBG.