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Green Technology - Special System Robot Decommissioning NPP Simulation by IBG

Green Technology

Dismantling nuclear power plants

Innovative robotic processes for the remote-controlled dismantling of nuclear power plants

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Dismantling nuclear power plants without harming people and the environment

The most important goal of our energy transition is a sustainable energy supply that is independent of fossil and nuclear fuels. To enable experts to dismantle nuclear power plants remotely from a safe control centre in the future, IBG is designing innovative robot modifications, robot-assisted gripping technology and automated solutions for dismantling nuclear power plants.

Our goal is "greenfield dismantling" and the safe disposal of radioactive materials without them coming into contact with people or the environment. As the local environmental conditions do not permit the direct deployment of personnel, a wide variety of robotic systems are used for the dismantling work, which can operate both remotely and automatically from a safe distance.