As an application-optimized transport solution, the FC RoboLite consists of two basic modules

The automated guided vehicle (AGV) "FC RoboLite" is an advanced solution for the safe and autonomous transport of goods. For this we rely on our proven FC Compact and expand it with the collaborative 6-axis robot Yaskawa MOTOMAN HC20DTP.

Advantages of automated guided vehicle
  • Higher efficiency and more flexibility in your production
  • Increased security through autonomous, personal safe movements
  • Flexible scalability, system adjustments and extensions
  • Easy integration into existing hardware and software environments
  • Utilization of easy-to-maintain, industry-standard components
  • Smooth mixed traffic in production and logistics
  • Modular structure of mechanics, electrics and software

FC Compact

The IBG AGV consists of various basic modules. Due to the modular structure, an individual adaptation to your requirements is possible. Equipped with a lifting table, a roller conveyor, as a tractor or forklift, we solve your intralogistic challenges. The use of easy-to-maintain series components enables adaptation to your software and IT solutions on site.

Technical specifications „FC Compact“


Length: 1,600 mm

Width: 950 mm

Height: from 500 mm

Wheel diameter: 230 mm

Own weight: 300 kg

Rated payload: 1,000 kg

Performance factors

Operating time: 24h

Charging time: 1.5h – continuous operation with intermediate charging possible

Battery type: Lithium Ion Technology (LiFePo)

Speed: 1,2 m⁄s

Yaskawa ecosYstem / MOTOMAN HC20DTP

Together with leading companies in the automation industry, Yaskawa is constantly working on being able to offer new interfaces for various robot accessories and complete solutions. The MOTOMAN HC20DTP is perfectly suited for collaborative applications with high payloads, predestined for installations for handling and palletizing without safety fences.

Technical specifications „Yaskawa Motoman HC20DT“


Number of axes: 6

Max. load: 20 kg

Repeatability: ±0.05 mm

Max. working area: 1,900 mm

Robot weight: 140 kg

Merging the systems – FC RoboLite

FC RoboLite uses a variety of sensors to sense its surroundings and ensure it can navigate safely and accurately. These include security scanners to ensure personal safety. The AGV has a built-in PLC that makes it possible to control and monitor the robot's actuators and sensors. By using interfaces, the FC RoboLite is able to communicate with other systems and machines and to react to their commands.

Overall, the FC RoboLite offers a powerful and reliable solution for the autonomous transport of goods that is tailored to the needs of your company. Using advanced technology and sensors, we ensure maximum safety and efficiency when performing transport tasks.