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Assembly technology - front end assembly fully automatic bolting and assembly of the front end in flow operation by IBG


Front-end installation

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Fully automatic screwing and assembly of the front end in flow operation

A 6-axis robot is used in the automated process for front-end assembly, to which a specially designed gripper is adapted to pick up the component. The robot picks up the front end from the pick-up position using the application-specific gripper. In a further step, the screw connection to the body is carried out using electric screw spindles, which are also integrated into the robot gripper. The movement of the robot is synchronised with the vehicle's conveyor system. In order to record the exact position of the car body before the joining process, a 3D sensor system is also installed on the gripper, which measures the car body and transmits the correction data to the robot. A sequence check of the vehicle and the front end is also carried out before assembly.

By avoiding downtimes and the high availability of the system, the automated joining process enables a significant increase in productivity within industrial automotive production.