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Green Technology

As a future-orientated and innovative company, environmentally conscious action on the one hand and sustainable management on the other play a very important role at IBG.

Against the background of increasingly scarce raw materials and rising energy prices, green technology gives us the opportunity to drastically reduce energy consumption by using suitable technologies in order to ultimately increase the efficiency of the systems and reduce energy costs at the same time. It is therefore important to consider the requirements for saving energy and increasing energy efficiency early on in the process. This is orientated towards the specific task at hand.

The main points of attack are primarily drives and components, which must be optimised in order to avoid oversizing robots, for example. At the same time, lightweight gripper designs using CFRP allow robots to be designed smaller than when using conventional materials such as steel or aluminium.

Programming optimised motion sequences for robot applications is also part of efficient commissioning. If the optimum drive technology is integrated as early as the technical planning stage, this results in the subsequent designs. The integration of electric drives instead of pneumatics or electric presses instead of hydraulics provides information for a sustainable cost perspective.

Only an optimal mix of different technologies, such as the use of electric drives in combination with pneumatic solutions, can help to develop cost-effective, efficient and future-orientated systems.