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Gripping technology

Depending on the material properties and to ensure optimal process capability, we develop customer-specific grippers for a wide variety of tasks and for the workpiece to be gripped.

Developed specifically for customers and tasks – optimal gripping of workpieces of all sizes and types

From the handling of the smallest glass bottles with sensitive gripping fingers to 10 m² aluminum plates to entire vehicles, we design and develop gripping systems specially adapted to customer requirements. Different technologies are used, which guarantee optimal gripping of the workpieces.

Application examples

Multi gripper

The multi-grippers developed by IBG are designed to take over the handling tasks and ensure precise holding during the complex processing steps. Different components can be picked up in one step by moving the gripper.

Circlip gripper

IBG developed a special gripper to hold circlips of different diameters. This was integrated into a complete system for automatic circlip assembly.

Pump gripper

A retractable negative copy of the pump head was attached to this gripper to accommodate pumps. The pump is held by a robot and a sealing ring is also implemented.

Vacuum grippers for loading and unloading a CNC machine

Components of different shapes and dimensions can be taken from a disordered container. The robot was equipped with a special vacuum suction system for this task. He guides the component to a camera, which recognizes the rotational orientation of the face embossing at the head end.

Cell concatenation

An automated workpiece loading by robot was implemented. The gripper on the robot was specially designed to grip the components. After the process, the robot changes the tool and uses e.g. a deburring tool to further process the parts.

Profile gripper with automatic detection

In this project, a system was implemented that cooperates with a camera to record various profiles. In addition to the gripping function, the gripper is also equipped with a vacuum area gripper to separate the profiles from each other.

Engine gripper

This gripper is used to grip a motor on the material supply and then transfer it to another workpiece carrier. The robot communicates with the automated transport vehicle on which the carrier is located to ensure the correct pickup position.

Rim gripper

The rims are fed to the milling machine by the robot and removed again after completion. The gripper is suitable for wheel diameters of 13" - 22" and a wheel weight of max. 30 kg. It is also equipped with collision protection to prevent damage to the components.

Vacuum gripper

The gripper is used, for example, to lift components that have been heated by pressing out of the mold and cool them down on the way to the next processing station. The handling device is equipped with several suction pads and guides that hold the component in the correct position.

Plate gripper

This gripper is a specially developed suction gripper, which is used to remove blank panels from a stack and place them on the cutting table. The circuit boards to be processed are coated and can stick to one another. Due to this fact, the raw blanks are lifted from the material supply with a peeling movement.

Dual gripper head

A robot equipped with a double gripper head takes a motor from a load carrier. The position of the motor is detected by a camera attached to the pick-up head and the pick-up position is fine-tuned. The robot moves to the next station with the motor in the gripper. Here the robot inserts the motor into the housing and bolts the two together.

Cardan shafts gripper

Equipped with a combined gripping and welding unit, this robot feeds shafts to the storage area, from which the worker removes them. Cardan shafts for passenger cars are measured in the system in order to determine their original and residual imbalance. Then balancing weights are welded on by the welding unit. Finally, the robot removes the cardan shafts from the clamping fixture and drives to the assembly station for the paint covers.

Cylinder head gripper

The cylinder heads to be moved are mounted on standardized adapter plates with defined gripping points. The gripper is used to realize the automatic handling of the components. The components are removed from the feeder and placed on a tray on a turntable. In this aligned position, the components are fed into an automatic washing line.

Wheel gripper

An industrial robot is equipped with a special gripper that enables truck wheels of different sizes to be picked up in a defined manner. The gripper allows the wheels to be handled precisely during further processing, such as automatic balancing. Furthermore, IBG realizes grippers for the automated handling of complete wheels of all kinds.

Contact us about your individual solution. Our experts are happy to help you. Our gripping technology is developed application-specifically for your solutions and serves to increase the efficiency of your production.

Technology fields and solutions

As a general contractor, IBG offers various industries a comprehensive range of services in the areas of process automation, robot systems, logistics and service. All competences are combined in-house. Get an overview of our technology fields here:

Do you have any questions and would you like individual advice? Contact us about your individual solution. Our experts are happy to help you. Our solutions are individually developed for you and serve to increase the efficiency of your production.