Moving Technology is creative media use with industrial robots

In addition to the "traditional" solutions of the automation industry, we also develop robot-based systems in the field of entertainment for advertising purposes.

What is Moving Technology?
  • Marketing 4.0: Technology, movement, visuality and individuality
  • Combining creative media use with industrial robots
  • Creation of visual-emotional experiences
  • Tailor-made: intensive shows, futuristic exhibition stands, captivating events or permanent installations
  • Combining innovation, technology and emotion
  • New dimension in digital signage
Is the Moving Technology also available in a different size?

Yes, the system is very flexible. The LED modules consist of individual surfaces measuring 500 x 500 mm, so smaller areas can also be realised without any problems. The system is also flexible with regard to the number of robots.

Who determines the graphic content for Moving Technology?

The graphic content is always determined by the customer. Nevertheless, IBG provides long-term support, advises and gives suggestions and ideas. The content can be extremely flexible, the system has hardly any limits. In particular, IBG supports the synchronisation between image, sound and movement.

How did the idea for Moving Technology come up?

XPION has been part of the IBG I Goeke Technology Group since 2014. Our marketing agency sees itself as a creative partner for unique, emotional brand experiences in the areas of marketing events, brand spaces, media presentations and experiential exhibits. After XPION already had extensive experience in the field of holographic applications, Moving Technology is the logical continuation of automation technology in marketing.

Possible uses

Moving Technology can adapt to the location, the circumstances, the purpose and the budget. IBG stages its advertising in a spectacular way and supports, for example, its trade fair appearances or other events. Visitors can look forward to an extraordinary exhibit, staging automation technology in combination with digital signage for marketing, communication and events. Moving Technology combines robotics and brand staging in a unique way. Industrial robots carry large LED screens or televisions - depending on the purpose. The individual screens can be moved in three dimensions. This creates unique show moments when the screens move synchronously or individually. A special team synchronisation enables the robots to perform movements exactly matching the film, lecture, laser show or music. The LED surfaces can function as a giant screen, but also as individual image surfaces. The production was awarded the FAMAB Award in 2015, among others.