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FertiRob - Automated electrolyser production for the H2Giga joint project with IBG
IBG I Goeke Technology Group · 


Development of optimized and automated processes and standards for the construction of large-scale water electrolysers

In the HyPLANT100 project, the partners are researching and developing the efficient assembly of large-scale electrolysis systems. This should be accompanied by recommendations for standardization that will accelerate and simplify these processes in the future, so that a faster implementation of a hydrogen economy in Germany will be possible.

Within HyPLANT100, the possible degree of automation for the construction of large-scale electrolyser systems is also determined. On the one hand, the investment volume in automated assembly systems plays a decisive factor here, as well as the often significantly lower flexibility of automated systems compared to human workers. Standardized interfaces are particularly important for the successful implementation of (partial) automation, so that HyPLANT100 analyzes the interfaces of the electrolysers and examines them with regard to standardization.

With regard to semi-automated on-site assembly, the goal of HyPLANT100 is to develop assembly processes and innovative technologies that are adaptable to a wide variety of components, devices and system modules. This also includes changing systems that can be operated by robots themselves, which also includes the respective supply of energy (e.g. electricity, compressed air, hydraulics).

Furthermore, the potential level of automation at decentralized locations is being examined within the project. In the context of a later, repeatable assembly and construction of large-scale electrolysis systems, however, the adequate qualification of personnel is also important, which can and must be involved both in the construction process and later in an operating process.

Cooperation partner

  • Advanced Training Technologies GmbH
  • Entwicklungsagentur Region Heide
  • Fest GmbH
  • Hoeller Electrolyzer GmbH
  • Hypion GmbH
  • IBG Technology Hansestadt Lübeck GmbH
  • Institut für Flugzeug-Produktionstechnik, TU Hamburg
  • TC-Hydraulik GmbH


This research and development project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.